Created in 1941, Ardenne & Gaume is an organization that preserves, manages and promotes our natural, historical and lanscape heritage in Wallonia.

Conservation and management of natural areas

The daily work of our organization is to protect natural areas in more than 100 remarkable sites in Wallonia. We implement the most appropriate management techniques to preserve our natural heritage. Site management is performed by our team of field workers and supervised by a conservator and a management commission composed of naturalists, representatives of different institutions and local citizens.

Promoting our natural, historical and landscape heritage

One of the main objectives of the organization is to allow the discovery of remarkable heritage in Wallonia, especially the sites for which we are responsible. We actively promote nature discovery and accessibility by creating and managing footpaths, publishing reviews and booklets, deisigning information boards,…

Monitoring, research and scientific training

Ardenne & Gaume collaborates with different universities and other scientific organizations. Members and conservators are regularly called upon to share their knowledge about nature conservation. Some students also do their internship with our team to acquire a first experience in nature conservation.

Taking part in eco-citizen projects

Ardenne & Gaume takes part in numerous projects in collaboration with local, regional and international stakeholders to protect biodiversity and natural heritage. We also develop partnerships linked to sustainable tourism in order to integrate the remarkable sites that we manage in a structured touristic offer.

Information and raising awareness of environmental issues

Ardenne & Gaume also informs citizens to promote the respect of the environment through guided tours, conferences and other events.